Narrate Your Story Workshop

When you want to join others to get started on your story

Want to bring our workshop live to groups such as churches, community centers or retirement communities or participate in a workshop? We have a variety of formats, from 2-hour introductory sessions to full-day workshops.

Following is a typical framework for a Workshop. Fees start at $99 for a 2-hour session.


  • Pre-work: Participants are asked to complete and submit a short online survey.
  • Workshop: May include one or more of the following steps:
    • Take Inventory - getting started by identifying your personal and professional history and accomplishments
    • Focus Your Story - using your inventory to focus the purpose of your story
    • Create An Action Plan - identifying a plan of action and the resources needed to craft your story
  • Follow-up: a telephone or email follow-up one week following the workshop
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