Narrate Your Story Memoir

When you want someone else to help you capture your story and bring it to life


Writing your own story can be an overwhelming proposition. Completing our Narrate Your Story Workbook will help you get started.  Our professional researchers, writers, editors and designers will help create a compelling story bringing together personal and professional aspects of a person’s life, highlighting the unique qualities you and others value and sharing compelling life lessons.

We will customize the level of service provided. Our comprehensive set of services include:

  • Planning
  • Researching and Interviews
  • Transcribing and Writing
  • Editing
  • Design
  • Tips for publishing your story.

Following is a typical scope of work. Full-service fees start at $3,600. Contact us for an estimate of individual services - writing, editing and/or design.

  • In-person or phone interviews to capture your story
  • Writing your story: up to 100 pages
  • Building your story: editing, design, layout and posting photos and captions
  • Follow-up: Review of story draft and one revision
  • Scanning and Printing: If scanning and printing services are desired, an estimate will be provided once the story has been created and approved

Timeframe - Approximately nine months from the initial interview and receipt of photos

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