About Us

Sharing your story is a powerful and meaningful act – for you and for others. From taking inventory, choosing a focus, drafting your story for publication, you’ll find support at Narrate Your Story.

We are researchers, writers, editors and designers who help you tell your story, whether it is through a photo journal or a book.

We will help you:

  • Take inventory of your life experiences
  • Focus your story
  • Develop and prioritize your writing objectives
  • Capture your story through interviews and photos
  • Write and/or edit your story
  • Design and layout your story

We have written and published books of our own and provided research, writing, editing and layout services for numerous clients.

Tell us your story, the way you see it. We'll help you bring your story to life, the way you want it.

Susan Spaulding

Susan Spaulding

Susan is an award-winning businesswoman, consultant, and published author. Her 30-plus year career in market research consulting brings together her hallmark curiosity about how things work and her savvy on human behavior. Susan is a gifted moderator and has helped clients all over the world put even the most challenging puzzle pieces together to create a story that resonates.

Susan lives and works in Kansas City where she continues to consult with businesses on how to recalibrate their businesses and their leaders for greater business and personal success. She has authored two books, Recalibrate for Life 2.0, Transition Stories for Business Leaders and Recalibrate, A Strategic Guide for Accelerated Growth. She has published three e-books. And, she has designed numerous photo journals for herself and others.

David Swafford

David Swafford

David’s 30-plus year career as a journalist, communications specialist, and language instructor spans the globe.  He brings substantial editorial skills, creative vision and love of history to every project he undertakes, serving each client with personalized, singular attention.

His affiliation with different heritage societies, cultural groups and historical associations provides ongoing opportunities for broadening and deepening his awareness of and interest in our unique heritage.  Furthermore, his widespread travel in Latin America and knowledge of the Spanish language has served to increase his cultural awareness in every sense.

David’s writing experience across various media facilitates the daunting task of creating stories that captivate interest, underscore cultural milieus, and, where appropriate, highlight individual triumphs or pitfalls. History is his passion. He brings the past to life for you, your family or your organization.

Lynda Swafford

Lynda brings the written word to life through creative design services. She creates designs using computer software to communicate ideas that inform and inspire.  Through her extensive  and diverse background, Lynda has produced a variety of graphics including logos, websites, brochures, advertising and book covers.  

She brings a global perspective to her work having lived and worked in Canada and the U.S.  Lynda has worked for a variety of educational institutions including several colleges and universities.  Her  passion has been the design work accomplished for a Toronto based dance academy.

Lynda has a knack for design and an eye for what looks good and will bring professional quality graphic design to illustrate your memoir or photo journal.